ZTE, a fourth largest handset manufacturer will penetrate in Indian market by October as officials s


[color=rgb(51,51,51);font-family:'lucida grande', tahoma, verdana, arial, sans-serif;font-size:13px;]Initially, they will launch tablets and mobile handsets ranging between Rs 5,799 and Rs 14,999.[/color]

[color=rgb(51,51,51);font-family:'lucida grande', tahoma, verdana, arial, sans-serif;font-size:13px;]If you like to use Huawei smartphones and gadgets, then you will love to use ZTE's also.[/color]

[color=rgb(51,51,51);font-family:'lucida grande', tahoma, verdana, arial, sans-serif;font-size:13px;]http://economictimes.indiatimes.com/tech/hardware/chinese-firm-zte-to-sell-mobile-handsets-directly-in-india/articleshow/20107865.cms

This year, they have demonstrated 6.9mm Grand S at CES 2013.


Question will remain how it will give support after sales in India and will they launch the same quality products which they sell globally?[/color]


ZTE already sell/sold millions of devices in the Indian market through third party brands. In fact, at one point of time I think they were the second or third largest seller of phones in India (OEM manufacturer).
As for Chinese products deserving our business, I guess you should get your internet connection disconnected asap. Because most of the networking hardware in India is manufactured in China. If you are so eager to boycott China, do it properly please.


Aww. I bet you have checked the manufacturer of the entire internet infrastructure that gets you connected to the internet? Have you researched on what hardware your ISP uses? Where is it sourced from? Where are the parts of your computer and phone made?


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I've no idea what hardware BSNL uses, but what I use in my home is not from China. What I meant was "Avoid stuff made and sold" by Chinese firms. Sorry for the confusion.

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India's policies are so bad for manufacturing or setting up any business to happen here properly. Except a few politicians, other politicians are only filling their pockets or trying 'Bharat Nirman' tactics to promote phony development. There is so much hassle to start a new business. So much ghoos has to be given for every department. And every license.This is where China has progressed. They have good policies. Example: if their govt. see if India is giving 8% off on a certain tax they will give 15% so manufacturing companies go there. Remember what happened in Singur. And what is happening in POSCO Project. 10 billion US$ investment is being stopped. Also Narmada Bachao Andolan was bad for economic development. If you want economy to progress there obviously has to be collateral damage. Then we cry about staggering economy.