zee broadband disconnections log

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I was a zee(siticable) internet customer from jan to dec 1,04. I have a different service now.. so I'd share my disconnection log.rr is release/renew ip.sunday- april 25/26, 2004- fiber cable cut- offine from sunday night(2am) to monday morning-11amsunday-may3(11.30 am-...) excess packet losses . slow connection(50k only )25 may-3.30 am -modem offline25 may 11am-modem offline(not sure if its offline for past 9 hours)restored 1.45pm25 may- 5pm-fiber cut-26 may 7pm not yet restored29th- connection restoredmay 31- 12.30pm modem offlinemay 31- 5.15pm-5.30 -connection lost5.40pm-june 2- modem offline- 5.40 pmjune 4- 1 am - dns is screwed and modem is offline. will be rectified only by morning.june 4-11.15 pm modem offline, june 5 7 pm not fully rectifiedjune 6 . slow speed(50k) and >5 % packet losses1.43am-talked to helpdesk- no solutionjune 7- connection slowshantharamjune 8- 12.15 am- connection very slow heavy packet losses 1.20 am- modem offline3.10 am online againcalled up, call center is busy, press # but can't even leave a messagejune 8 all day no proper connection, modem offline, bad connectionjune 9- connection sporadic(1-2 am, lag)june 9- modem offline -11.20 pm same thing 5.02 am11.38 pm- release/renewjune 11- 12.20 am connection lost(15 minutes)june 10- 2.20-2.21 am ipconfig/release and renewspeed is only 7k maxjune 11- 5.32 pm -release/renew7.42 pm -release/renewjune 12-2.13 am-release/renew3.50 pm-release/renew13 june- 4.05 pm- release/renew15 june- 3.10 pm- modem offline. packet losses. 7.30 pm not yet sorted out21 june-2.04 am-release/renew9.38pm- release/renew24 june- 3.40 am modem offline-9am restored26- june- modem offline- 11 pm- fiber cut2.36pm-release/renew2.36 pm -3 pm-connection bad27 june- 5.12am release/renew5.53am-release/renew28 june- 1.40 pm-release/renew10.57m-release/renew11.06pm- modem offline-10 am, full connectivity not yet restored29 june-9.38 pm-release/renew30 june- 1.10pm- modem offline, connection slow- 3.02 pm- modem still offline10.45 pm- connection is bad1 july- 7.15 am- connection bad2 july- 4.11pm -release/renew3 july-1.30am-release7.39-release/renewjuly 4- 10.22pm release/renewjuly 5-11.27am-release/renew5.01 pm-release/renewjuly 6- 4.49pm-modem offline10.48pm-release/renew7 july-5.40 am-release6.26am-modem offline8july-1.55 am-release/renew2,41 am rr2.48pm- rr3.01pm -modem offline4.22pm- rr4.35pm- server problem5.47- no connection10.35pm- modem offline, will be up by tomorrow only9july- 2.21pm-modem offline10 july -1am- rr2.52am-rr, also connection is very slow-line problems.3.18pm - modem offline11 july - 10.06 am- modem still offline(online at 12.30pm)12.45pm - connection slow1.44pm- rr2.15pm- modem offline9.04pm - modem offline12 july-2.12pm- modem restored3.11pm- rr3,42pm- rr3.47- rr8.12pm - rr8.14pm- rr8.25 - rr8.33pm - modem offline9.08pm -rr9.10pm- modem offline9.49 pm - connection not restored10.28pm -rr13 july-12.43am - rr12.50am -rrnetwork very slow from 11.30 pm(12 july)1.05am- rr --------- 1.22am -rr1.28am -rr3.02am -modem offline3.14am- rr3.26am- modem offline4.27am- mo2.11pm- mo6.55pm- modem restored14 july-12.55-mo1.10pm- modem restored3.26pm -rr15 june-2.31am- mo11.02-modem restored12.19pm- rr12.44pm- mo12.48-rr5.38- rrjuly 163.07am- rr12.30pm- mo7.34pm- modem restoredjuly 173.20pm- rr7.45pm-rrjuly 181.56pm- rr9.23pm- rrjuly 193.26pm-rrjuly 201.58am- modem online, connection not working2.15am restored - but dhcp not working fine. google.com, yahoo, defcon.org, not opening-dns problem2.14pm- rr5.14pm- rr21 july-2.30 am- connnection not working(modem online) same problem as 20 july 1.58am22 july-12.42am- rr2.50pm- rr24 july - 3.01pm-rr25 july- 12.48am-rr1.27am-rr1.32am-rr1.54am-rr2.06am-rr2.38am-rr1.46pm-rr26 july2.50am- mo for 3 min27 july5.55pm- mo30 july4.08am- rr31 july1.38pm-rr1.45pm-mo3.28pm-rr3.47pm-mo8.28pm-rr2 aug-1.53pm-mo1.59pm-rr3 aug1.03am-rr3.46am-mo3.17pm-rr7.57pm-rr7.46pm-rr8.48pm-rr11.59pm- rr4 aug1.24am-rr7.53pm-rr5 aug4.31pm-rr8 aug2.14am-rr10 aug2.40am-rr11 aug4.36am-rr13 aug1.28am- connection very slow-will be rectified only in morning3.56pm-rr11.42pm-mo14 aug5.26am-rr16 aug10.38am-rr7.18pm-rr17 aug5.10pm-rr7.03pm-rr7.16pm-connection not working properly. also, dns server is messed up11.07pm-rr18 aug9.29am-rr10.40am- connection not working properly1.50pm-rr5.13pm-rr5.33pm-rr10.53pm-rr10.56pm-rr19 aug10am- mo4.15pm- modem online4.18pm- connection very slow5.38pm-rraug 206.07pm-rr6.56pm-rr7.12pm-rr7.31pm-rr11.52pm-dns server barfingaug 212.55pm- rr2.59pm-rraug 2212.42pm-rr12.44pm-mo. called helpdesk. someone rudely kept the phone down.1.15pm-mo1.56pm-mo- called helpdesk. someone rudely kept the phone down.aug 233.15pm-rr5.37pm-rr7.45pm-rr8.27pm-rr8.53pm-rraug 2411.05am-rr11.48am-mo12.52pm-rr1.03pm-mo1.05pm-mo1.16pm-mo1.43pm-mo2.06pm-mo5.50pm-rr10.08pm-rraug 2511.15pm-rraug 2612.03am-rr (connection very unstable)12.49pm-rr7.23pm-rraug 281.18am-rr29 aug1.38am-rr30 aug3.47am-rr31 aug8.46pm-rr31 aug5.52pm-rr7.26pm-rr8.21pm-rr1 sep2.45am-rr2 sep11.19pm-rr3 sep5.46pm-rr4 sep12.29am-mo5 sep3.07am-rr6 sep2.26am-rr9.05am- connection very slow. packet losses9.30am-mo.10.15pm-m still offline7 sep12.45pm- modem online again8 sep4.31pm-connection not working(cnw)7.02pm-cnw9 sep10.56am-rr2.58pm-cnw5.37pm-rr10 sep9.05am-mo4.19pm-rrsep 116.03pm-rrsep 136.37pm-rr14 sep4.36pm-rr5.35pm-rr10.40pm-rr15 sep2.58pm-rr5.50pm-rr16 sep3.17pm-rr7.07pm-rr17 sep4.02pm-rr18 sep6.24pm-rr19 sep5.28pm-rr20 sep7.49pm-rr22 sep12.16am-rr6.53pm-rr23 sep7.09pm-rr24 sep5.15pm-rr5.33pm-mo8.40pm- connection very slow10.14pm-mo25 sep3.22pm-mo5.54pm-rr6.19pm-rr6.45pm-rr28 sep11.32pm- connections very slow helpdesk slammed phone down6.19pm-rr4.35pm-rr4.39pm-connection not working11.24pm-rr30 sep12.19am-rr12.31pm-mo5.18pm-rr5.25pm-connection dropping6.35pm-connection not working7.04pm-rr9.09pm-rr1 oct6.41pm-rr6.58pm-line problems. heavy packet loss7.25pm-mo10.40pm-connection restored2 oct5.34-connection dropping5.38am-constant connection drops7.56am-rr3 oct1.10pm-mo8.42pm-rr4 oct3.24pm-rr5.23pm-mo7.56pm-rr5 oct12.55pm-mo. online after 30 min10.14pm- modem offline. online only tomorrow morning.6 octconnection is slow all day. heavy packet loss. problem with line.7.34pm- mo7 oct12.17am-rr8 oct2.42am-rr1.15pm-connection bad.8pm-problem not rectified12 oct10.45am-rr13 oct6.46am-rr14 oct3.15am-rr15 oct2.27am-rr17 oct1.36pm-rr5.03pm-rr18 oct3.24pm-rr19 oct12.20am-rr9.03am-rr8.10pm-rr21 oct10.10am-rr23 oct2.45am-rr11.40am-rr1.52m-rr24 oct9.50pm-rr25 oct4.29pm-mo8.10pm-rr27 oct6.24pm-rr6.54pm-rr28 oct12.23am-rr4.04am-rr4.58pm-connection not working29 oct12.35am-rr9.47pm-rr30 oct3.26am-rr3.20pm-mo. fiber cut31 oct2.35am-rr5.28am-rr1 nov11.04am-connection not workingmac address is wrong at helpdesk?!htf did that happen?2 nov12.46pm-rr4.36pm-connection not working6.35pm-mo. fiber cut3 nov10.20am-mo4 nov1.056am-rr4.49pm-mo6.34pm-mo5 nov2.44pm-mo4.15pm-m online9.55pm-rr12 nov9.58pm-rr10.07pm-rr14 nov4.23pm-rr15 nov3.24pm-rr20 nov --------------- 128k speed now available.7.28pm-rr8.55pm-rr21 nov1.04am-rr4.41am-rr22 nov5.34pm-rr8.44pm-rr23 nov3.14am-rr9.24am-rr2.32pm-rr24 nov2.32am-rr7.13am-rr4.05pm-rr10.59pm-rr25 nov9.49am-rr26 nov2.06pm-rr2.32pm-rr. certain websites not working properly.8.59pm-rr27 nov6.25pm-rr10.14am-rr28 nov12.08am-rr2.04pm-rr. connection not working. heavy packet losses9.07pm-rr29 nov6.46am-rr4.35pm-rr8.45pm-rr30 nov9.21am-rr6.44pm-rr1 dec7.14am-rr4.22pm-rr2 dec4.35pm-rr