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So I am not sure if we net addicts see TV serials anymore ...

But one of my friends recommended to see this show on SAB TV.

Its called Yam Hain Hum.

I dont watch it on TV but download and see from here:
Yam Hain Hum: Season 1 - YouTube

When my friend suggested to see it, I denied and said not interested and have seen many such DRAMA shows.

But he still insisted to watch first 2-3 episodes and decide.

So I did and since then I am watching it everyday!

Its full of moral values - taught in very light and humorous sense.

It teaches you - whats happening with and around you and how it should be.

At first except 2 lead characters you will not find any characters attractive.

But as you see it - you will realize that characters suit very very well.

Direction is amazing and too the point.

Dialogues are also perfect.

Acting wise - two lead characters are very good and take weight of whole serial on their shoulders.

Other side actors are not so great but not bad either. Sometimes they overact but it does not affect flow.

It is based on Hindu gods but not directly related to religion.

In my opinion a MUST SEE serial for everyone.

Its one of rare shows which does not have too much drama!

If you are willing to watch then dont start from in between. Start from episode 1 and see atleast 3 episodes before giving up! (if u do give up!)

Dont trust me - READ FEW COMMENTS on Youtube!
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Well i watch 'Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah' - it's getting a little boring at times now but overall a nice serial
P.S: This is the first & the only serial i followed in my entire lifetime

I'll give this Yam Hain Hum a try, this weekend


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Yes Tarak Mehta was excellent in early days and used to give social message.

But now its repetation. I have stopped watching it completely.

This Yam Hain Hum is also similar lines but its less comedy and powerful dialogues + excellent direction.

Plus two lead actors act superb. Plus style and delivery of Yam (main hero) is great.

There is some magic involved but there is no OVERDOSE of magic. Magic is used just at right places.


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Ok did not know about "Yam Kisi se kam nahi".

I saw its 4-5 promos on youtube.

But I did not find it impressive.

Reason 1 - it looks like FULL comedy.
Reason 2 - it adds background laughter and this spoils all the fun

Yam Hain Hum has comedy but comic timing is great (90% times). And its not out and out comedy.

And no background laughter AKA no forced laughter! :)


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Last few episodes of this serial were average (not bad though) - mainly because of Chaman who always overacts! :D

But now its back to being good!

Anyone else watches this?