xp logon screen missing :-(

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hi,if anybody's experienced this problem, or knows the solution, please do tell me...i'm usnig xp-pro+sp1. the system is an amd athlon 64 2800+, msi k8-neov, 512mb ram, all fat32 partitions. anyway, when i uninstalled something called zoot 4.0 a few minutes ago, all except one registry key (something clsid - don't know the details) didn't get removed. however, when the uninstall got over, the system folders on my desktop (e.g. my computer, my documents, my network places etc etc.) suddenly lost their names, and were displayed, plainly, as "folder"... other programs (e.g. ashampoo uninstaller plus) refused to load... the computer hadn't "hung" because of too much processing load, it was responding to ctrl-alt-del -- so could see there were no extra processes in the task list.since nothing could be done, i pressed the reset button. when the system started up again, there were a few lost files (trillian couldn't be shut down, so its preferences and contact list files, as also the prefs of firefox were dumped in a found.000 on different drives ---- i saw this detail later.) anyway, when windows loaded up, i was confronted with a graphic saying "windows xp" (as also the microsoft flag), which couldn't /can't be gotten past - normally, i'm shown a logon menu, configured with/for four users.i can't even get to the logon menu, and, if i try booting into safe mode, the same problem occurs - no logon menu means no logon even as administrator. booting into the "last good configuration" gives the same problem: a missing logon screen.any ideas?thanks in advance


seems like registry corruption...administritive priviledges got altered in some way..."zoot" the name seems to be some spyware related stuff...bet thing to do is to reinstall..........