Wireless Lan Setup - Help needed from Scratch


Jan 8, 2007
Hi all,I've decided to build a Wireless Connectivity in my house, by installing router at the origin point of telephone line in my house, thus bypassing multiple joints in my telephone line. As I'm a amateur in Wireless thing ( though I'm constantly striving to increase the knowledge by reading in forums ), i need HELP regarding the same.By searching different forums, I concluded that I'll be needed a wireless router (netgear 54 MBPS - at the moment best in category - @ Rs. 2000/-) and one wireless LAN card (netgear @ Rs. 900/-) for my desktop. Please suggest if there are any better or equivalent piece available at the same or low price.Also, if i wanna expand the wireless capabilities to my neighbour, say at second floor (me being at ground floor), what is needed? Is booster/access point needed at second floor or at first floor or at my place or I would be needed a better range router.What are other things that may be required, like special software, cables etc so as to keep my Wireless connectivity safe..Please suggest.