Wine Thread - Windows Games on Linux

What you need:
1. Steam, The Ultimate Online Game Platform (To buy Windows or Linux games)
Install from your Software Center of your Linux Distribution.
2. Home - PlayOnLinux - Run your Windows applications on Linux easily! (Can also install windows softwares)
Install from Software Center.
3. Lutris - Open Gaming Platform
Install from Website download page. Copy/Paste commands in Terminal one by one and press enter for Ubuntu/Linux Mint/elementary/Any Ubuntu based distro.
Games section will allow easier install of windows games and many other platform games.

Wine Install and Repository:
Ubuntu - WineHQ Wiki
Install wine staging as its updated more frequently, faster bug fixes and features.
Run winecfg in terminal to configure it.
Wine staging installs to "/opt" folder. Windows programs and games install to ".wine" hidden folder in Home.

Using Winetricks:
Winetricks - WineHQ Wiki
Copy/Paste commands in "Getting winetricks" and "Using winetricks" and "Installing winetricks" into terminal.
You can winetricks from Home by double clicking it.

Installing Vulkan: (To able to play Vulkan supported Windows or Linux games)
In Terminal "sudo apt-get install vulkan-utils"
You can also install from Software Center/Manager by searching for vulkan-utils.
Type "vulkaninfo" in terminal to get Vulkan Info.

Wine Database:
WineHQ - Wine Application Database
Search here whether your windows game or software will work under Wine.
Look for Silver, Gold or Platinum ratings.

WineHQ Wiki

WineHQ Forums • View forum - Linux

How to use Wine (Linux & Mac) - YouTube
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