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Aug 27, 2004
Most of the problems that people complain about, after upgrading to Service Pack 2 on Windows XP, is exactly that - upgrade problems. Its in no way related to SP2. I normally install an Operating System in "clean" mode so that junk from previous install is washed away and won't trouble the new one.

Merge your SP2 into your XP disk, and do a clean install (format C:) and you will see ZERO problems plus you are protected by default right from first boot. Also, you are spared the wastage of disk-space (for backing up old files) that SP2 induces.

You need:
1. Your Current licensed Windows XP CD (professional or home edition)

2. Service Pack 2 (download the appropriate version for your language)

3. Follow one of these guides to update your Windows XP install-source. (to install integrated with SP2 by default - saves on time, and gives you peace-of-mind)
The D-I-Y guide --OR-- detailed D-I-Y guide --OR-- Universal Windows Slipstreaming and Bootable CD Guide.


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Apr 10, 2005
prathapml it worked simply the best way i had always thought so! thanks for the info. Now i shall not waste time when ever i have to install xp and sp2@@!


Dec 20, 2004
theres a big world of unattended windows at msfn forums.u can get lot of help from there.@prathapmlru same prathapml from MSFN.its good to see u here.bmn


Aug 27, 2004
Ah yes, im the same person. :)

Originally posted by GAURAV7777@Aug 20 2005, 06:17 PM
u can intergrate hotfixes too[snapback]22385[/snapback]
[/quote]Not just that, u can even merge the updates (such as WMP10, or directX 9, etc) into your install. And applications. And settings. And games. etc.

The biggest problem is normally, that u have to click innumerable mouse-clicks, and enter in the serial keys for all the apps you install. But making use of unattended setups enables you to save time. For example, approximately within a month of installing, my home-PC starts to slow down due to all the crap on it. So, the next morning I just pop-in my unattended XPSP2 CD-RW into the drive, boot up from it, and thats it. I go and brush my teeth, have breakfast & come back in 25 mins. By that time, my C: is formatted, all my apps and games are setup in exactly the way i want them, with updates as well. And everything running as fast as it was when it was new. [4 GB of installs, and 3 days worth of configuring]

Extend this analogy to networks and you'll see how it benefits you. If you need to manage 40-odd desktops, then unattended silent installs:
- save you from RSI (repetitive stress injury) of the wrists
- ensures that each desktop has exactly been installed the same way as the others, with no unexpected variations.
- allows you centralized install and updating from one server on the LAN (therefore even CDs not required)
- and of course, time and labour saving.
(if you thought ghosting HDD images would be better, then you're wrong, better read up on the HAL of the NT kernel)

Unattended install - Windows XP/2000/2003


Oct 29, 2004
well i am the kind of guy who hates to reinstall his windows every now and then. my own installation is working since may 11 2003.

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