Windows XP Service Pack 3 Edition



Just saw the the home made windows XP service pack 3 by some guy named amit (amit_talking).It has lots of other stuff than Xp ....this guy is has really worked check out what stuffs he inserted in just 699 mb

Windows XP Pro SP3 Unattended install by Amit Talkin. (with Vista theme and more)

Includes M$ Office 2003, Adobe Reader 7, MSN Messenger, Firefox.

Completely silent, unattended and activation free, no serial needed. Windows XP Pro SP3 Unattended Install (Inc MS Office 2003).

Will burn to 700mb cd.

Installed and tested by me and working sweet.

Edit: The creator recommends a fresh install, don't lay it over a previous OS.

This Comes With Microsoft Office 2003 SP2( Full...SlipStreamed 75 MB)...Total ISO Size is 695 MB!!
I recommended you to make new & clean installation...dont upgrade from previous release.. It dosent require to put CD- key ...just start setup..and go away from will not ask u abt anything!!

Hotfixes added till january 2006!!
-Boot Screen FIxed
-Logon Screen Fixed
-More Tweaks added For faster Performance
-More Themes added...and VIsta XP theme as default
-Some softwares included as below...
>Office 2003 SP2 With Frontpage!
>Firefox 1.5
>quick time alternative 1.67
>Adobe Reader 7.05
>Also included Microsoft Office 2003 Professional SP 2
>MIcrosoft Virtual CD
>Some Tweak Tools ( see in the control panel )
>Winrar 3.51 + Themes ( evalution crack from anywhere...Many Themes Included!! )
-OSX Cursors Pack
-Unlocker 1.7.6
- Tweaks For Internet Explorer ( maximum simultaneos download limit is 10 now )
- WMP 10 + Updated
- New Icons
- New Drivers ( Mass Storage & Wireless Lan )
- Drivers Problem Fixed
- Enhanced Visual Effects
- No CD-Key!!
- Codec Packs..
- Registry Watcher ( will be useful to find applictions registry entry & its effects )
-Some System Utilities ( see SYSTEM TOOLS IN START MENU )
And Many More

Logon Screen Is same as past version!!

From Previous Release
->uxtheme.dll patched
-> hacked WGA ( genuine advantage validation hacked )
-> maximum simultaneous connection limit removed
-> windows file protection desabled
-> Default Vista Theme & Enhanced Bootskin and logon skin!!
-> Registry Tweaks Added For Better Performance
-> All Device Drivers 400 MB!!!
-> Integrated Applications[/b]

Hollllllyyyyyyyyyy Sh*************.......also have other stuffs (drivers and other thing). I just can tell you what features it has but can't give you the information how to get it so please don't ask.Remember RULES


Sep 8, 2005
Autopatcher will not install Office 2k3 ;) Seriously, yes you wont install this thing outside a VM since you don't know what else is present on this version.


Aug 27, 2004
I did all this back in 2003.
And the guy amit, whoever he is, is no hacker, he simply used information freely posted on the net.
And this proves the other big trouble that is seen with indians on the net - they post old/known stuff as though they invented it, & when asked for information about how to replicate/modify the same, they will behave cagey & act as if its a secret, even though they received all the information freely, & in fact, even all in one place. (worst part being the usage of freely available tools & then claiming they did it all from scratch)
The first big trouble happens to be, that they never contribute back where they receive help.

Anyways, what amit has is an unattended windows XP CD.
Guide -
Help forum -
Post by me about this, more than a year ago:
A tool to make uA discs - ; nLite/automate
A guide to make multi-boot CDs that can be 3 GB or more -

And the list goes on, ad infinitum, becoming more & more advanced, as you go up.
The point I'm trying to make, is that an individual seems to have taken credit for something thats not his, & moreover, its so simple as to be laughable!

And netfreak, I agree. You wouldn't just pick up somebody else's deploy-image, & use it on production machines. You might try it out on Virtual Machines at best, & customize one for yourself from scratch (so that no suspicious files exist).


Dec 19, 2004
^^^^^^^ agree .. all info is freely available and msfn has some great topics about this . Even i made a multiboot cd containing windows 2000 pro+server+proffessional+stripped windows xp setup+ hirens boot cd + windows xp self made live edition(bart's way) and it fits on a 700 mb cd easily ... All u need is something like cdshell ( or bcdw) , ultraiso or some good iso making prog and google


Oct 14, 2005
Well seen these things before and probably at the same place where you came to know abt this, stay away from it IMO. No way such things can be trusted. For Gods sake, everything you do on ur PC, you do it through your OS, and anything fishy in it can expose all your personal info, passwords, credit card nos, .. Autopatcher is the way to go..

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