Why am i seeing high speed on speedtests but very low IRL?

Are you facing similar issue?

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This is just a theory but sounds like a glitch in their system whereby you're getting post FUP speeds i.e. 128 kbps even before consuming the allotted data. Try to borrow a sim from a friend/relative and test it out.
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OP here:
After wasting my money i do not care about Jio and this is not hatred towards Jio just a consequence what all happened.
I see a good amount of people who are accepting 2-3 Mbps as 4G LTE speeds because they were in a situation like mine.
Funny enough after almost a decade + a few more years i am actually appreciating MTNL a LOT more.
Nowadays they even resolve issues faster at least in my area the only fault they do not provide Fibre or higher than 3 Mbps.
I am done with Jio and going to stick with Vodafone which has never given me any issues literally for close to a decade.
P.S. God damn i am old.
@Saifi2649 I never crossed my FUP not even close not this time nor the previous times and even if somehow i was put in post fup speed I had contacted customer care at least 5 times before starting this thread and it is because they do not allow me to post those email and phone conversations that i cannot prove to you how lazy the customer care is.
They do not care to resolve the problem and literally never read the mail.
Some info: i did not buy those 1 GB/day plans those do not work for me and i bought the straight up data limit pack and i had 60 or 90 GB i cant remember and i have probably used less than a GB because of those horrid speeds.

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