Which package to choose - Airtel or Tata Sky?

Escalate. Has everything been installed? Limited options - Buy a new TV.
New year gift to yourself :D. Once you go HD, it's difficult to go back to SD.

What TV do you have now? CRT? Size?
I have an LCD TV... sony klv-s32a10 but it's a 2005 model without an HDMI port. It supports component and I can play Xbox 360 games in HD using component cable...
There are two variants of that model and I have the non-HDMI variant... Anyway I have decided to upgrade my STB from HD+ to HD Recorder... It will cost me 3k but even purchasing an adapter that converts HDMI to Component would've costed me around the same amount... Thanks for your replies guys :)
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Another important detail Airtel didn't mention is that I have to pay Rs. 25 monthly to avail even the USB recording feature... I found out when I tried to record today... :(