Which package to choose - Airtel or Tata Sky?

I'm currently in Bangalore and am confused as to which HD package I should choose:

1. Airtel Mega Pack (HD+)
2. Tata Sky Supreme Sports Kids Pack HD

Can someone tell me the pros and cons of both options? How are the set top boxes as compared to each other?


airtel is probably worth avoiding. decide between videocon and tata sky. tata sky is supposed to have better quality. videocon is supposed to be cheaper with more HD channels.


not sure if component input is good enough. but generally speaking, if you want more channels, videocon is the way to go.
One thing which discourages me from getting Tata Sky is that the Grand Sports pack does not include any of the "Ten" sports channels, and also the HD access fees...

Okay so I've finally purchased Airtel HD+ connection but its set top box does not have component output, it has only HDMI output. Will I be able to upgrade from HD+ to HD recorder set top box? Because I've already made the one time payment and my TV does not have HDMI input...
Did you ask them?
Pity, if I had seen this thread earlier, I would have told you that there is no use going for HD without HDMI.
Component supports only 720p/1080i. Composite is the AV cable.
Anyway, (I think) HD signals are only supported through HDMI. My Tata Sky STB has only 1 composite & 1 HDMI port. Don't know if the (video) composite port is blocked on HD boxes.
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