Which Modem Should I Buy...

saket lal

Sep 21, 2006
hi, i've dataone conn. with modem of type 3 on rent, now i want to buy a modem (which should b cheap and best)so that later i can switch over to other conns. also.should i go for type 1 modem which is being provided by bsnl or should i buy a modem from the market.pls suggest.also if i've to buy it from the market,which modem should i go for..thank u


Mar 31, 2006
^ if you just want to connect a PC and donot need a
wifi connection to a Laptop then you can buy type I
modem from BSNL . or you can buy any good brand
ADSL modem from market . Huawei MT800 or MT880
from BSNL is cheap and best . D-Link DSL-502T can
be a good choice .

if you want to connect a Laptop later , you need a
wifi modem/router . if BSNL can provide MT841 with
builtin wifi card then you may buy it .

see : http://bsnl.co.in/service/dataone_tariff.htm
( scroll down to end for modem prices )


please note : there is a shortage of good quality
broadband devices and the dealers are trying to
exploit it ...
see : http://www.broadbandforum.in/Prices-Of-Bro...ters-t7244.html

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