Which kind of wire required?

Hi guys,

Connection from pole to home has a joint which often causes trouble, I am looking to replace it myself since BSNL refuses to do so citing lack of material availability.

Currently it is black wire with single copper threads in it which is not available in market. Just wanted to ask if this kind of wires which are available on Amazon would work for this purpose, planning to purchase 2 pair type of wires from the link below.

Anchor Telephone Cable (2 pair, 0.4 mm, 90 meter length) Sensor Cable: Amazon.in: Home Improvement
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the problem with wire joints is corrosion. If you seal those joints properly you will not have any problem for many months.

Take a empty pen refill, cut it into small piece then cover each joint with it. Now seal both ends of refill by heating it with a matchstick/lighter. You can cover the whole thing with some tape to completely seal it.

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