which adsl modulation to be used for better speed and performance


Mar 6, 2012
Hi, I am using dlink 2730u wifi modem router . Is the adsl modulation is dependent on the line, i mean, the connection cable wire that gets you the phone signal and broadband.
What is the modulation of adsl. I now use g.dmt, as per the dlink customer support executive. The default has some ticks like adsl2 and adsl2+ etc.
Is this have anything to do with the speed that you are getting from the paid plans. For eg. the bsnl 1091 , gives 8mbps speed up to 60 gb and then reduce the mbps. Or the setting is connected with the actual wire that is used for connecting the telephone.
How to find the ideal module settings . I did find some change , when i tick adsl with g.dmt in the adsl diver tab, but when i select adsl2+, all the items are simple ----
Could expert through some light on this? do i have to select all, There is no auto select menu in my modem dlink


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Aug 23, 2006
Modulation is the method the modem communicates with the DSLAM (server). ADSL or G.992.1 or also G.DMT is the oldest form of modulation. It supports a maximum sync rate of 8Mbps. The next one is ADSL2 also referred to as G.992.3 supports a maximum of 12Mbps sync rate. The newest (if you can even call it new) is ADSL2+ or G.992.5 supports a maximum of 24Mbps sync rate.

Since you have opted for 8Mbps plan, it wouldn't make much difference which one you chose as all three support the speeds you need.

All these settings are set on the server and your modem as well. Some ISPs don't care which one you use, so they enable all three on the server. However, if the ISP chooses only ADSL2+, then your modem will only connect at that. Same on your modem, when all three options are checked, the modem communicates with the server to see which one is allowed and the accordingly chooses the modulation. By default all modems will take ADSL2+ as the first/preferred choice.

If say your ISP only allows ADSL2+, but you manually select G.DMT on your modem and not the others, the modem will be unable to connect.

The way the modem communicates is different on each modulation, the line stats will vary on each modulation, only slightly though.

As long as the connection is stable, it is recommended to let them all remain selected, that way the modem can by default choose whatever is best.
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