Where To Complain ?


May 20, 2006
Ok, So I applied for 2nd triband abt. 4-5 months back.. they came and connected but there was a problem with modem. I complained same day, a person called madwal, mumbai said it will be replaced tomorrow. after that they never turned up, i called many times but they never cameso i could never use that net. and since i didnt need phone, it was a waste. i used to get bill of about 800rs/- every month.. i paid for 1 month later i stopped paying since it was not working.Now, they have cut the line. I want to complain about this, where do i do ?? they should REMOVE ALL PENDING CHARGES, pay rs.800/- replace modem and restart line...Also, anyone knows when unlt. plan is launching for mumbai ?Thanks


Jun 28, 2006
1 u should have stated this problem long back here...2 Now got to AOTR of u r exchange and explain the problem3. Never rely on 1500 for me it's not lucky i believe in written complaints to exchange as i have proof!4. all the Best you will feel like winner if u manage to win lols