Where Have You Gone, Lou DiMaggio


Oct 29, 2004

From 1985 to 1989 Lou DiMaggio, no relation to baseball legend Joe DiMaggio, was a regular at the iconic “Catch a Rising Star” comedy club in New York City. For four years Lou worked along side of and made lasting friendships with a small group of comedians who are today some of the very best in the business. Larry David, Colin Quinn, Suzie Essman, Joy Behar, Jeff Garlin and Chris Rock are just a few of Lou’s old pals who appear in the film. After moving to Los Angeles in 1989 to pursue acting, Lou, in a mysterious act of career and self-sabotage, stopped doing stand up comedy forever. But why? Today Lou is an Emmy winning writer for television. He makes a quiet, modest living but a deeply repressed passion for doing stand up is beginning to emerge from Lou’s comedy hiatus. “Where Have You Gone Lou DiMaggio” follows Lou as he wakes from his long winter’s nap and seeks advice about his return to comedy from his celebrity friends while discovering along the way the real reason why he stopped doing stand up in the first place. After all this time, can Lou rediscover his comedic voice and once again become relevant in the world of comedy?

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