What type of network setup for my broadband?


Dear All,I am newbie to this forum and require your support as described below.I have 2 Asianet Broadband connections 1) Unlimited 600KBps (RAPID 625) and 2) Limited 4 MBps (HOMENET 475 - 2 a.m. to 8.a.m unlimited usage). I have 2 PCs, one will be in my dedicated home theater room and the other PC in the living room where my wife & kids will use for browsing/gaming etc. The only disadvantage of Asianet broadband connection is to login to your ISP you will have to go the login portal of Asianet in internet explorer and then enter the username & pass and then minimise the window. For browsing open additional tabs, if you close the login window then the broadband disconnects after some prescribed time. I will be using the Unlimited modem (RAPID 625) during the day time and then using the Limited broadband (HOMENET 475) for unlimited downloading @ 4MBps during 2 a.m. - 8 a.m. So, when one modem is "On" then the other modem is in "Off" position, meaning at a time only one modem will be in "On" position. Keeping the above facts like Broadband Login process, Modem "On" position etc in mind, suggest a networking solution that can connect all the 2 modems and 2 PCs. I should be able to browse internet from any of the PCs without depending on the other PC and able to share files across the PCs. Thanks in advance.