What is Multi-user feature in Business Plans.


Jul 23, 2005
Hello,I am Sumit. I have seen in some plans of BSNL dataone broadband service that ther are MultiUser connections. Can anybody tellme what exactly that is?....Can we connect more then one modem in Single phone line & access using same id & pass from multiple systems. Each connection will dedicated with diffrent IP?Or It will be shared as Lan using HUB. If yes!!! then what new in it, Anybody can do this with any connection... right????Actully today i applied for business 3000 plan. I am expecting that i can connected each computer using diffrent modem in same phone line.Please guide & share your thoughts......Thank you!!!


Oct 25, 2005
Hello,I Dont think you need multiple Modem. If you Modem in Bridge Mode (In which case you need to create PPPoE Dial Up connection in windows. Connect LAN Cable of Modem to Switch/Hub and in such way you can use from multiple Computers.Currently this is also possible that you can login from any other phone Line (that has ADSL enabled) with your Dataone user Id simultaneously.Regards

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