What is happening with Airtel 4G in Bangalore ???

Dear Friends,

I am long timer with Airtel in Mobile voice, 4G and Wired Broadband. Currently I have their mobile voice and 4G dongle.

From mid-November 2015 I see my 4G connection is dropping signals within 2-3 minutes of usage, I go completely blank and connection is terminated as "unregistered". If I move the dongle to 3G mode it never disconnects, but speed is really bad and I continue to use it in basic mode. But working from home is very very difficult. This was happening from my home in JP Nagar 1st phase.

I contacted customer support they asked me to try from a different location. I tried from my office and friend's place. 4G works great there.

I escalated it, to nodal and appellate. They say there is a tower issue and it will take 90 days. I waited 2 months and again started contacting the support. They say signals are perfectly fine in my area. It should be a dongle issue. Again I took it to my friend's place in Jayanagar 9th block and 4G was working like a charm.

Always they claim they came to my area and surveyed it. But they did not come to my house. Now Airtel says it is not their problem. This is the best they can do as if I am at fault. I don't know what to do ?

Looks like they are over-subscribed and deliberately not allowing users in 4G mode in my area. It all started in November, till that it was great. I wish somebody from Airtel comes to my house and see this.

This week I am going to unsubscribe for this.

What do you think, friends ? Sad to see the nation's best provider is also doing this to their good customers.