What happens if I stop recharging DTH for 3-4 months ?

due to time scarcity im forced to do it by myself.
he changed the orientation and at that time upgradation was ongoing . do u remmember? when they used to apologise without any reason at ch 100.
HD box. at aaj tak .. signal strength is 70 and signal quality varies from 0-10.

at Life ok HD signal strength is 75 and signal quality varies from 30-40.

at colors HD signal strength is 80 and signal quality fluctuating from 35-40

above 3 works smoothly

stars sports 2,3 HD, ch 100, and lots more not working...

so frustrating...


Yes...I would also recommend you to call them because your signal strength is gud and as I earlier told u ch 100 has the maximum available signal as it is their default channel and the engineer checks the signal with this channel's tp and for you it shows no signal....the hd channels have same signal as mine but aajtak for me is around 30-40 in quality.... I can only guess that your lnb might be defective..