What happens if I stop recharging DTH for 3-4 months ?

what about tatasky?


no penalty on late recharges on tata sky....even after 6 months or more you can just recharge and the full amount will be added to your tata sky account
thanks alot. :) now a days im facing problem with HD channels and few other channels . it shows no signal although other channels are good enough. any idea?

ive had lodged complain and even they fixed it buy adjusting dish orientation but it sucks everynow. dish is at 5 floor and noone even touch it.

now i dont have time to deal with them and i remmember them only when i open Tv.

i am even thinking to buy another one...


i never faced such problem, try checking your signal, by going to settings and then signal test, do this on those channels on which u face problem coz the signal will vary on different channel, eg on ch 100 it should be full

actually.. i am not available whole day coz of work so cant call them .thinking if i could fix it by myself. for few days i am even busy on weekends. any solution?