What happens if I stop recharging DTH for 3-4 months ?


As the title suggests - I'd like to know what happens if I stop recharging My videocon dth for some months.As i busy with computer no time to feed TV, only see cricket matches :Boy hot:so my question is.......1.What happens if I stop recharging DTH for 3-4 months ? 2.So they won't call me asking for their dish back or anything ?3. Will i have to call them and to told them to stop the service for 3 months or auto done without calling after zero balance ?plz help.
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1. Nothing. Petty penal charges start applying for disbanded connections. 3-4 months could cost you 70-100 bucks for reconnection.2. Why should they? You will screw their ad campaigns.3. Auto-done. Your STB wont be able to unscramble signals.
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I had stopped recharging my Airtel DTH when I shifted from Kolkata to Delhi. They called me incessantly for the next 3-4 months & my reply was i will recharge when I go back. After 5-6 moths, they were like "If you don't recharge, we will take back dish..bla bla bla". And my reply was "really? do whatever you want". Have not received any calls since then. Peace :D. And in between, went to Kolkata for 10 days, did a recharge of 200 bucks out of which 20 was deducted as reconnection fees & I could enjoy watching for 10 days or so till the balance ran out. So, all cool :) ...
thanks alot. :) now a days im facing problem with HD channels and few other channels . it shows no signal although other channels are good enough. any idea?

ive had lodged complain and even they fixed it buy adjusting dish orientation but it sucks everynow. dish is at 5 floor and noone even touch it.

now i dont have time to deal with them and i remmember them only when i open Tv.

i am even thinking to buy another one...


i never faced such problem, try checking your signal, by going to settings and then signal test, do this on those channels on which u face problem coz the signal will vary on different channel, eg on ch 100 it should be full