Weird Internet Speed


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Guys dont know what has happened to my internet connection i get different internet speed in different speed testing sites.whenever i test on i get a speed of 4 mbps but when i test on i get a 10 mbps speed.even on google fibre speed testing site i get a 10 mbps of speed.
When i watch video in youtube i get a speed of 10 mbps but when i watch tv on jiotv i get a maximum speed of 4 mbps so the video buffers.i have tested this on my windows10 laptop as well as poco f1 mobile.
When the connection was new i used to get 10 mbps on all sites.
I am on 20mbps,20gb/day plan.
PS-i never got 20 mbps speed.


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Whats your line rate set to from the exchange?
Adsl Line StatusSHOWTIME.L0
Adsl ModeG992.5
Up Stream638 kbps
Down Stream12798 kbps
Attenuation Down Stream22
Attenuation Up Stream12
SNR Margin Down Stream16.5
SNR Margin Up Stream20.5
Firmware Version4926dc02
CRC Errors292
Up Stream BER0e-7
Down Stream BER0e-7
Up Output Power12
Down Output Power18
Down Stream ES34
Up Stream ES6
Down Stream SES5
Up Stream SES1
Down Stream UAS0
Up Stream UAS0

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