Vu 32D6545 headphones port and display problems


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@chromaniac on external speakers it's pretty loud enough on volume 20 itself. In headphones the volume isn't loud enough even when sound is kept to 100.

@hitech0101 yes it's not very annoying on headphones, but sound isn't loud in headphones in the first place. If you try a external speakers, the hiss is so loud you just can't hear the actual audio well.
I tried out speakers they are working fine , only headphones have the issue.


@chromaniac if you want, you can use external speakers only for STB. You should buy RCA cable to 3.5 cable. Then connect the audio out from STB through that cable to 2.1 speakers and just vvideo out from STB to TV. However if you play video from usb, audio will come only through TV.
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that makes me sad. i was planning to buy 2.1 speaks for dad's tv.
I connected my F&D 2.1 channel speakers to my TV just to see how bad the hiss is. I didn't find it so annoying. When there's dialog or sound from the content the hiss was almost gone. And you'll hear it only when you are very close to the speakers.


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On my 32K160M it can be accessed by the following method:

Menu->Audio->Select balance. Enter code 1969.

Do it at your own risk though. Tinkering something there may void your warranty.