Vodafone too activating movies pack without consent


Aug 13, 2014
Yes it has happened. Vodafone activated Movies pack at Rs. 60 per month on my mother's phone without her consent.

I called up CC and he denied that any such pack was activated. So when I threatened him, he admitted and offered to deactivate and issue refund of Rs. 60.

But it was 2 days back and refund has not yet been credited.

So now what is the difference between Airtel Vodafone and Reliance? None.

Sad day for Vodafone customers.
Sep 19, 2013
Does your mom use Vodafone data on phone? This had happened with me when I was browsing some websites and all of sudden I was redirected to some website which was offering some Bollywood stuff and Rs. 30 got deducted from my account. I wrote a mail to CC and got refund as a "Good gesture" and was advised to be "Careful" next time.