Vodafone Prepaid International Roaming ??? why it didn't worked ?

there is nothing such as 1500 deposit or balance for international roaming
roaming gets activated on auto , but these CC personnel doesnt know a damn thing about activating the same pre departure

False. They now increased the rate to 5,000 Rupees for Prepaid and 1,500 for Postpaid.

For Prepaid :
Apart from roaming call charges a standard roaming deposit of Rs 5,000 is charged. However, based on the discretion of Vodafone credit services, additional roaming fees may be payable.

For Postpaid :
Get calls and SMS while on International roaming in over 180 countries, by paying just Rs 1500 as security deposit.

Source :

These are deposits, probably not a balance in your main account.

I read that postpaid connection needs 1500 as security but I still have no Idea how to get it working on Pre-paid, if that even works.
S.Africa has Vodafone, but still it didn't got connected, May be it should have been manually selected but then AUTO-ROAM feature looks like a Crap presented
with a catchy outfit.

Selecting manually did not work, I tried that. Managed to get a cheap prepaid SingTel sim which worked a lot better and the costs back to home were cheap, including internet.
I am in Singapore and I am not receiving the signal from Vodafone.


The Secret Agent

My Vodafone number never worked in Singapore and I was always on prepaid with balance in the 500 range. Tried whatever the CC suggested before going everytime and it didn't work at all.
When phone is operated in over-seas ,it would allow incoming calls atleast and would deduct Rs.99/mo.

I am in USA and my phone is set to Auto-network mode and "Emergency Calls Only" is displayed and i am not able to
call any number, and my incoming SMS is also not delivered .
COuld u pls resolve it asap