Vodafone Mobile TV - Access Points issue

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Gee, it's been a while since I've been on IBF! Allow me to apologize for the big block of text. My intended paragraph of a rant probably turned into a miniature essay. I tried to break it up and make it easier to read and less tl;dr worthy:My present billing cycle commenced on the 27th of March. I had been subscribed to both Vodafone live! (Their WAP service, with zero monthly rental and charged at 10p/10kb) and Vodafone Mobile Connect (Full-fledged GPRS with tethering allowed, and 2 GB of free usage). On the 29th, I had made a call to Vodafone, attempting to get Vodafone live! deactivated, but with no success - since their systems were down. In order to ensure that I would not be using Vodafone live! (for which I would be billed for data usage), I delete the access point and am left with two others - Vodafone Mobile Connect, and Vodafone MMS.I open up the Vodafone Mobile TV application at noon on the 30th and subscribe to the service at a daily rental of Rs. 7 and receive no data usage warnings that state that Vodafone live! is the compulsory and only access point that the application can use, and proceed to use it for an hour. I had called up customer care later that night and asked for a Vodafone live! deactivation and inquire whether I can continue to use Mobile TV on Mobile Connect. I am then informed that Mobile TV works only on the 10p/10kb usage billed in accordance with Vodafone live! and not via any other access points. Never before had I agreed to any terms and conditions to this effect, or been intimated of this fact. Furthermore, Vodafone Mobile TV does not bear the Vodafone live! branding and should not be restricted to a WAP-based subscription, to say the least.Today, on the 31st I framed my argument and, co-incidentally was connected to the same customer service agent at the other end of the line. He asked me why I had not discussed any of this the last evening - and far from being 'happy to help', proceeded to quarrel and argue that I should not hope to get away by paying a 'meager' Rs. 100 for a service I wish to enjoy - when in fact, I should be paying absolutely nothing by using the privileged "Mobile Connect" access point.In the end, Vodafone has literally forced me to use a data access plan without my consent for one of their other services without any explicit reason other than "Vodafone Mobile TV must always use Vodafone live!", and assumes that every customer must either know this in the same vein as "The Sun rises in the East and sets in the West" or call up customer service to come to terms with this fact, despite having other data plans at their disposal. I rest my case.----For those wondering, the application does indeed use Vodafone live! without me having the access point, because the application gets stuck in an infinite loading loop when I try to open it up right now after getting the zero rental service disabled.I'm appalled by Vodafone's utter nonchalance with respect to my genuine grievance. Any idea what I should do next?

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