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Vodafone mulls merger plans in India; Jio, Idea likely options

Vodafone's India wing may be looking to merge with one of the frontrunners in the Indian telecom space in the wake of fierce competition from new entrant Reliance Jio, reports Mint . Vodafone India may be looking to merge with either Mukesh Ambani-led Jio or Idea Cellular . Industry experts feel a merger with the latter is more likely. But considering the size of Vodafone India, experts feel it will more likely opt for a full blown buyout rather than a merger. This news comes amidst expectations of a possible consolidation in the industry with less significant players.


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I used to wonder why JIO was going after Airtel and not Vodafone!

Now above "speculation" explains it!


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So looks like Vodafone will exit the Indian market? Like Docomo, Hutch etc.... brutal price pressure and margins (cost vs. earnings)...


Vodafone never took indian market seriously, during first 3g auction they said india will take time to mature for 3g market, this strategy went wrong and at the end they had least 3g spectrum among big operators (incl rcom tata and aircel). Then for 4g they never dreamt of buying any of that so early after 3g auction and again they bought the least whereas Airtel has bought good chunk of 1800/2100 mhz spectrum before jio came. But as soon as jio came they realised they are lagging way behind even behind idea and still as of now they are neither pan 3g nor pan 4g spectrum holder


dunno. india might be a huge telecom market. it is certainly not a lucrative one. esp with the entry of jio. unlimited calls for 150 bucks means that there is no money to be made in voice. only thing left is data... and to compete with the pricing of jio... you would need to pump in more and more money. and airtel is unlikely to go anywhere. most telecom markets have two big players... dunno. if i were vodafone, i had switch focus to africa. which is where airtel has been expanding their focus too.


Vodafone-Idea Cellular merger deal announcement likely this week: Reports - ET Telecom

I hope Vodafone Idea merger happens sooner and they announce their new company's mobile tariff plans. I already own Vodafone Prepaid as my primary number, Idea Postpaid as Secondary number and JIO as Tertiary ;)
So after merger I can decide whether to ditch JIO or Idea Postpaid :D
Primary Vodafone with remain permanently as it is distributed in whole universe as my registered number.