Vodafone deducting my balance uninformed

Sachin Rathore

New Member
Jun 7, 2017
Hi vodafone, you are deducting balance from my prepaid account from past 2-3 weeks. The services which i never ever activated you are deducting my balance for those. I have already called your customer service multiple times, i cannot keep on doing this over and over as i have to work and make money to pay your bills. I have been a customer with vodafone for very long time, but if vodafone wants to kick me out there are more decent ways of telling it and i can switch to another provide. Do let me know. Do let me know if you need my number to talk, i cannot provide it on open forum. But i can provide in email or other secured channel.



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Sep 5, 2008
New Delhi
send this sms to 1900 "port XXXur-noXXX"
voda would ask you reason to port out .....

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