Very low Jio speed, any pay as you go plans?


Month by month the speed is getting more and more degraded.
6Am speed used to be 15Mbps, now down to 3-4Mbps,, by 8Am the speed is 0.3 to 1.5Mbps, mostly averaging 0.6Mbps. Last Sunday, a 1.5GB download needed 8 hours.

This is not even 3G, forget about 4G. I've tried Airtel and the speed is an average 2Mbps so I'm going to recharge that sim regularly from now on.

I have given my Jio number to a few people so I need to keep the number going. On the Jio site there don't seem to be any pay as you go plans, so how to retain the number?

Paying 350/84 days for voice only is not worth it and I'm not going to recharge 2 sims. Other solution is to port out but then I won't have any Jio number.


Not just Internet.
Don't do the normal topup. calls won't go.
Beauty of jio they can pass any regulation.
Min you have to recharge is Rs.98 to make calls.
JioPhone is min Rs.49 but JioPhone -sim is diff and it must be inserted in jip phone to enjoy benefits.

Too many ifs and buts(old trait of Reliance). So why keep jio when you don't get proper network?
port the jio no to idea or bsnl instead if more than 90days old.


Right now I'm using the Airtel sim for the speed, but I have no doubt that at some time the Airtel speed will drop and I might need to use Jio. Thats why I'm hesitating to port.
I have sims of all others.
If only incoming is there from topup, thats ok since another sim will be recharged for voice and data and can be used for outgoing.


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don't recharge incoming calls would work, jio is not disconnecting any sims to keep their customer count high


I have 7-8 months old sim card and i did not recharged it is still working...
They dont want to lose customers.. it is better u do not recharge...
And btw same jio speed issue here so iam using airtel 3g.. it gives me upto 11 mbps speed in 3g mode..