UtstarUT300R2U: FW needed.


as my subconsious mind was stopping me from this.! i knowingly updated the firmware from some website and aargh.. now it asks for the firmware again at the home page. generous pple using this modem please please spare some time and take a backup of your firmware and post it here..:) i want my pretty old modem back running again... the last time i upgraded the firmware of dell studio 1555, it was bricked.. and then again now..!initially the ethernet connection was disconnecting for 3-4 seconds and no dls light on the modem, and ofcourse no ping response .then made a very hard reset about 30 seconds and damn the power goes off and then only ehternet is on now, made a static ip to and now can ping and access the firmware update page.. eagerly waiting..


From another thread:
Not possible to backup firmware.
If you want to try Flashing FW AT your own risk !!
give feedback. confirm you can access modem menu settings.

**( confirmed :access the firmware update page.)
Post the current software version.
type ( ignore fonts)
get both the SW and FW versions.
May not work if Bsnl supplied unit.

Para two:
i got mine courruted during a firmware restore.
confirm FW file from motivebsnl website or from Rapid Share etc.
quote file details.


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