Using Dlink 2750u with AC750


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Sep 6, 2017
Hi members,

I used to be with BSNL and recently moved to ACT. I have a AC750 model modem for ACT fibernet and Dlink 2750u which I used for BSNL. The AC750 is not having enough range and I was wondering if I could use the Dlink2750u as a repeater( The 2750u has a bigger range).

With the help of internet I have found a way to connect the 2 modems. I have connected the 2 modems using LAN cable. I have changed the IP address of the 2750u to so that it matches the domain of AC750 which is in Currently I am able to connect to 2750u's WIFI and then ping the AC750 via this network. But internet from AC750 is not flowing out thru this path.

I am ready to redo the whole thing if need be. Can anyone in this forum be kind enough to guide me through this process?


Sep 4, 2014
Hello, I'm not familiar with the D-Link interface but here we go.

I see that you've setup the router as a wireless repeater. Since you are using a LAN cable, ideally it would be better to set it as an access point with DHCP disabled.

Login to your dlink router - Setup - "Wireless Setup Wizard" - Operations Mode as "Access Point" and setup your wifi network.
Then go to LAN setup and untick "Enable DHCP Mode" and Save settings.


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Apr 1, 2017
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hi it is best to use 2750u as router for ACT Fibernet because useing it as a access point makes things complycated when problem arives