Useless customer support and its agents

Act Broadband
Hi Act Team,

I have a issue in regards to Re-activation my connection. Why is it such a pain to go through your customer support team.. I have been calling your customer care from past 1 month to get my connection re-activated, as i shifted to new location from Rajajinagar to Yelehanka New Town, B'lore. I had asked for your team temporarily De-activate my account till i get your service i the new area, which was not available then. I Have done is being a loyal customer of your act broadband, and did not get any other internet connection in the new house and waited for Act to come in my area which i was told it would come in couple of months.. Now that its available, i have told told to go for new connection, by the local agent and your customer care team instead of helping me re-activate my old De-activated account. Below are some of the pissing of moments i have with your Local sales agent and customer support agents:

1st i i keep getting same messages for the local sales agent, with the broadband plans for the new connection, and when contacted and asked him about the re-activating of old connection, he said that it would cost me more as i would have to pay 300 for re-activation and 500 again for shifting the connection. That being said he said, i can go for the new connection, but i have to give a new Tel# and new E-mail ID for for the same, why should i give New # and new Email ID when i have given one with you guys already, What are you guys trying to achieve or prove, that you have achieved in having more new customers just for the sake to sales records. Or you just want the a old customer to put through pain in buying a new sim and creating new email ID just for sake of some sales records. Is this some kinda joke? So will you guys pay for my new connection and call charges,and handle my new e-mail.

Secondly, When i tried contacting the customer care # for existing customer on (080-42840000), its says busy , and gets disconnected. so then i try calling your regular customer care number on (080-42840099) i guess almost 6 to 7 times in this month for the same issue, and every time you agent,asks for my address of my new location, which i have already given it 3 to 4 times before, why is it not on my file or under the call records under my tel#. Its really frustrating. Either your agents are not logging the case with the given details properly, and you guys don't have a proper software tools to log the same, in which case its a shame being such a big broadband company.

The worst was today, when i called the customer care, one of agents called RIYAZ picked up the call, and when i asked him that i needed information in regards the re-activation of my connection, or transfer the call to existing customer care, he say this is for new connections and bluntly cuts the call..

Then i call back again, wasting my money, and call and reach a agent called SIDIQ, and explain him all the problems i have facing in re-activating the new connection, and he again ask for my new address, and when i question about my file under my tel#, he says he can't find any, and keeps pestering me to give my new address, and after which i give him the same, he finds my records all of a sudden( i guess he did some magic) and gets my name, and my old address and all the details, how come? so i tell how the local area agent asked to give new tel# and E-mail for new connection, he also say the same thing, and tells that how the policy is, and i would have buy a new sim if i have to. So i ask to speak to a manager, and this is where its gets worse, so he says there is no manager who is free now and all are busy and will have a call back arranged,( which has never happened previously as well), as i inform him that am ready to stay on line and tell him to get a manager on line, he puts me on hold for couple of min, and then he says he'll check again, and this time he puts me on mute for over 15 min, when i am still waiting on the call, wasting my phone balance. was he trying to get the manager from his home or what? or your guys don't have any manager or team leads on the for for any escalation's? I know how a customer service related industry works as i my self was a team lead and quality analyst in Dell for 4 years. you cant put a customer on mute for 15 min and hold for more than 90sec when you say moment. what kind of training did these guys go through before hitting the floor to take calls, or i question myself if then even went through one properly.

After this i cut and call back AGAIN, and guess what i get SIDIQ again, and i tell him am the same guy who he was speaking to and put on mute, and want to speak to a manager no matter what? so he puts me on mute again,not even on hold,causing so much of dead air on the call, comes back and tell he has some manager how i can talk to, and who comes on the line, The previous agent RIYAZ, do they think we customers are that dum, that we can remember the name or the voice of the agent who we spoke 15 min ago. So i tell him i know he is an agent, whom i spoke to before Sidiq,and want an actual manager on the line, so what does he do? does what he knows doing best, puts me on hold! so again wait for 10 more min, frustrated and before i end up finishing my balance i cut the call..

Sorry for such a long mail, but i just wanted you guys to know, what shitty agents you have , who can;t even speak properly, and doesn't know how to handle the calls and especially when someone ask for a manager. I guess guys take notice of these things and get it corrected. am saying all these, as i want in the same kinda sector, and know how it works and its important to take customer feedback seriously to make any company grow.

Being said all this, i still want your connection, as its the best connection i could get in B'lore, and i was happy with it even when i had it, and even recommend my friends and had them change to ACT broadband from which ever other connection they had.

My Previous or Temporary De-activated A/C #: 10688556

Hope to hear form you guys soon and get the issue resolved.

Nithin CV