US Naval Officer on Indian Navy Officers


Their engineering practices were abysmal. No undershirts, no steel-toed boots - they wore sandals - no hearing protection in their engineering spaces. No lagging (sound dampening material) in any space. No electrical safety whatsoever. No operational risk management. No concept of safety of navigation. Absolutely did not adhere to rules of the road. They more or less did not have any hard-copy written procedures for any exercise or event, at all. They had no concept of the coded fleet tactical system that US coalition forces and allies utilize (they literally made it up as they went along, and when I tried to interject and explain to them how it worked, they ignored me). When I arrived onboard they thought I was a midshipman and treated me as such. I had to be frank and explain that I was a commissioned officer and that yes, I stood officer on the deck onboard my ship and was a qualified surface warfare officer. They don't entrust their people with any responsibility until they are very senior Lieutenants (O-3s) and junior Lieutenant Commanders (O-4s). At this point in the US Navy there are literally guys commanding ships, and these guys couldn't even be trusted to handle a radio circuit.

IAmA US Naval Officer who spent 5 days onboard an Indian Navy warship, INS Delhi. AMA. : IAmA



Just for the record (I studied for a semester in India), the lack of toilet paper does not in any way allude to the general conditions anywhere in India.
After spending several months in India, I have no doubt that the place was filthy and overcrowded. However, the ship didn't have toilet paper because Indians don't use toilet paper - it's as simple as that.

Do they use the three seashells?

When you enter an Indian bathroom, there is a variety of spigots and buckets available. How you use them is up to you.

Took me 2 months to figure out how to use the bucket. At first I thought you just poured the water down your bum, but that didn't work too well.
I just carried a wad of toilet paper with me wherever I went.

You wash your ass instead of half-assedly wiping it with dry toilet paper.
Poor man's bidet.

However it's probably better having a shitty ass than shitty hands..



leave the tissue paper..once went in this hotel's toilet after doing the whole thing I realized there is no fuking water to wash the thing up nor any dam tissue paper.......was totally screwed....and the dam front door was left open by some idiot so I couldn't even look fr water elsewhere....grrr....well finally I did mange to close that front door after making sure no one is there near my toilet :D but it was one freaky toilet day....Couldn't even tell the manager about it becz was with friends couldn't really tell in front of them what experience I just had otherwise would have made sure manager gets to understand the entire process I had to go through to clean my ass up :rofl:

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