Upgraded Act Fibernet Plans in Chennai


Today, I noticed that my plan has been upgraded. I'm using ACT Thunder at Rs. 1499 which had 450GB data @100 mbps. Now, the plan offers 1500GB @150 mbps. All plans have been upgraded.
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Balaji how is the customer service of ACT in Chennai ? which locality of Chennai are you from ? I am in West Mambalam. My dilemma is whether to go for ACT or Hathway.
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August 15! That's news to me, didn't know they were launching so soon. Guess ACT is waiting to see Jio's plans. If it's 2999 I'll be switching to Giga most likely. Just need to be sure what the setup regarding ONT and all is like for giga plans.
I just had a word with their sales rep. They are using GPON instead of Metro Eth obviously and fiber will terminate in your home. I am also very tempted to go for this plan but ACT is only good till it breaks in my area, customer care is almost non existent as per my friends with ACT. Cherri usually matches plans with ACT and I might have to fight for better international routing. Still worth a try for 1 Gbps! :D
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Hathway is also reportedly experimenting with 1 Gbps for the users with 999, 150 Mbps plan. Though I don't expect them to offer 1 Gbps for such price, would be a killer if they surprised us like they did with 1 TB for 999, couple of years ago.