Upgrade your router with Latest Routertech custom opensource firmware


Hello guys,
I have written a detailed tutorial on how to upgrade(flash) your router with RouterTech custom open source firmware.
This firmware is maintained and updated by RouterTech.org.Achieve better performance form your routers using the latest firmware.
Tutorial here : Upgrade your Modem/Router with Routertech Firmware « ajiteshmadai

Supported routers are :
Dlink DSL 502T
Dlink GLB 502T (Mine)
UT Starcomm UT300R2
Acorp LAN120/LAN122
Linksys ADSL2MUE
Dlink DSL-320T
UT Starcomm UT-300R2U

and many more see compatibility page here : RouterTech • RouterTech » Compatible Routers

Try if your router is compatible.Details provided in the tutorial.

Guys pls understand the entire process correctly before trying to upgrade your firmware.
This tutorial was written for people who have serious performance issues with their routers and their only escape is a better firmware.
OR If you have bricked your router by mistake.