Updating to iOS 10


Updating my iPhone 5 to iOS 10 , probably this will be last update for iPhone 5 next updates wont be available for this model i think

am not going to post the features , its available all over the web

here is the official link

iOS - iOS 10

updating via itunes will update how it looks once it done


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I upgraded to ios 10 too

I was disappointed more or less as it does not look like a major version.

Looks more like cosmetic changes only


yes @amish its more or less like an cosmetic upgrade

few changes
1. instead of swipe to unlock now its "Press home to unlock " giving more work to the home button :banghead: which is super annoying [ update useful only for touch ID phones ]
2. from lock screen right swipe goes to Camera and left swipe takes us to the new notification+ widget center with all the notifications
3. Message app has this whole changeover with media + emoji updates - i never used messaging and dont find it interesting
4. New keypad and Phone lock sounds :mad: will take time to get used to it
5.Music app - opening the app takes u to this library page with has this super ugly and big fonts with playlists and all sort of song tags , changes are more towards Apple music services pushing everyone for a subscr
6.Camera - camera select switch has been changed position
7.now i can remove few apple stock apps - removed stocks app to test :D
8.Phone dialer - little changes to font and alignment
9.Photos - Pictures are arranged as per location on a map and a redesigned icon view of albums
10.Notification panels are everywhere - left swipe from lock screen , down swipe from lock screen and left swipe from home screen accessing same thing from all screens :russianroulette:
11.control center - now has color changes for toggle switches [wow] + a large separate controls for music
12.Keypad - now u cant close the predictions tab , which can be closed or opened earlier
and some gimmicks here and there :clap:


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  1. is annoying (just like u said)
  2. is cosmetic change adds nothing new
  3. adds new feature but again I dont use it either
  4. is again just change in sound file
  5. cosmetic change
  6. cosmetic change
  7. Not really a feature but finally able to remove bloat!
  8. cosmetic change
  9. I like "People" feature - Only new feature which I find worthy
  10. I dislike new notifications. Its large plus TOO colorful
  11. Again just a cosmetic change - I dont like color feature plus ADDITIONAL swipe to access Music controls
  12. didnt realize it - havent checked.
Overall - nothing so great about iOS 10
Likes: MediaFire


I'm loving iOS 10. But then, I love iOS more than Android or WP.

As for #7, the stock apps aren't really deleted. They're just hidden. If you search for the hidden app in App store, you'll see the cloud icon next to the app and upon clicking it, they will be instantly installed.