Update on BSNL Broadband Service

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BSNL has finally rolled on in the broadband in select cities. However, a closer look reveals that they have not been able to provide connections in all exchanges and it seems the roll out would still take time. BSNL seems to be providing a cheap Chinese modem with the offering. Please note that these are actual user experiences and I have not been able to subscribe to the service to give an actual user account. The launch of the services in my city has been delayed to March. Now Chinese are not exactly conscious about the quality. In the end user agreement, I haven’t come across any kind of buy back agreement or the @$$urance of after sales service incase the modem goes kaput.

It seems that the user experiences have been positive so far. However, in the initial period is very hard to pin down any concrete issues with it. The main reason is that the bandwidth is not choked, which would be after the threshold of subscribers crosses a certain limit. There has no news in the media so far about the capacity augmentation nor have my insider sources revealed this to any effect.

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