Update D-link DSL 2750U firmware?

Hi, is it safe to Update DSL 2750U firmware? Is firmware sloppy? Has anyone updated to latest on site?
My router is DSL 2750-u sleek version model, Source

D-Link 2750U/IN/I Wireless-N300 ADSL2 Router with Modem

D-Link Wireless N ADSL2+ 4-Port Wi-Fi Router
Which firmware on their support site do I download & update?
is it DSL-2750U/IN/I H/W-I1 F/W -IN_R_01.00.09 : 10/09/2017?

Also what browser do I need to use when updating firmware?
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Hardware version is clearly mentioned on D link site. So you can match the same with your router, Usually the info is present in the bottom sticker of router. Amazon sends the latest or latest-1 version of routers usually. If the current version of router is working perfectly then I don't find any extra reason to update your router firmware other than some security patches, you won't be getting much. Any browser would do fine but you can use Google chrome and also make sure that during updating and reboot, router remains turned on, otherwise you may brick your device.