Unique Identification Authority of India (Aadhaar)

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Aadhaar Mess: “Lets rechristen civil service as Indian Aadhaar Service,” says Nirupama Rao, ex-foreign secretary
In a tweet, the former Foreign Secretary, said, "In Aadhaar, every tuppenny bureaucrat has discovered a new instrument of harassment. Each of these petty tyrants finds ever expanding applications of Aadhaar. They have the hammer, and they have to use it. 'Dear Govt, lets rechristen the civil service as the Indian Aadhaar Service."
This is the article being referred to Nineteen Eighty-Four and India's Severe Case of 'Aadhaaritis'

Authority without Accountability wants to create a mess for everyone and wash off its hands (and wield the power of a civil death). Refer to "fake originals" above
Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) officials, however, said Aadhaar is not proof of citizenship. “Rather, it is only an enabler for identification. For example, once issued with a card, ‘A’ cannot claim to be ‘B’. Whoever has a proof of identity and address, and has lived here for the preceding 182 days, is enrolled. We capture biometrics too, and after all this a unique identity number is issued. Our duty ends there,” an official said.

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Aadhaar data isn’t safe, say denizens
Since data privacy has been the focus of many debates recently, an NGO Swecha has decided to ask Hyderabadis as how safe do they think their personal data stored in the Aadhaar servers is.

To elicit the opinion of the visitors, they have set up a chart with two options —one with yes and another with no. The visitors will have to sign under whichever option they chose to agree with.

Surprisingly, the option “I don’t feel that my personal information in Aadhaar is safe” got tremendous support, suggesting that people don’t seem to trust that their data is safe with Aadhaar.