Unique Identification Authority of India (Aadhaar)


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So what's the info on linking mobile to adhaar? Do we have to? Or has the SC overruled/extended the date?


Man commits suicide at GU police lock-up - Ahmedabad Mirror

Aman arrested for issuing Aadhar cards on the basis of forged documents allegedly committed suicide in police lock-up. Poonam Dantani (28) hanged himself using a bedsheet from the ventilation window of toilet at the lock-up of Gujarat University police station, said ACP A K Parmar. Poonam Dantani (28) was arrested by the police for his alleged role in fake Aadhar card case along with three others on Wednesday evening. In the wee hours of Thursday, the police station officer (PSO) was doing rounds of the station when he found Poonam missing from the lockup.