Unable to update Lenovo z2 plus without vpn

I bought Lenovo z2 plus from Amazon india(that too from a major seller) and it shows that there is no new update available even though it is using quite old version of zui and once I used vpn based in China it detected update like normal and my friend has the same mobile and he never had problem like that, should I ask for a replacement?
I doubt that it is a Chinese unit as the update I got was Indian update and the box as well was Indian, everything is fine just the problem that I have to use vpn (China only) to get updates

I tried using imei number to find my product on Lenovo website and it shows that I have 337 days of warranty left even though I ordered it day before yesterday and got it yesterday and the serial number was also different that what is shown in about>status section, is it normal?


grrr. Amazon has a tendency to do this. a friend who ordered an iphone from amazon showed 160 days of warranty on apple website. the same phone ordered through Flipkart had a few days extra over a year warranty on apple website.

invoice has serial number and not imei number?