Unable to get KYC done on Paytm.


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Feb 26, 2019
My paytm wallet stopped working because my aadhar KYC has expired(it was valid for one year) and now they want me to visit their centre so that I can use my wallet again.

Problem is they want one of the following:
1.Driving licence(no car so don't have it)
2.Voter ID( don't vote so never bothered to get it)
3.Passport(don't have it)
4.NREGA card

What I do have is PAN card, Aadhar CBSE certificates of both 10th and 12th and bank passbook.
Any way I can get my KYC done without their specified documents because I have like Rs8k in my wallet.
If I try to make voter ID, driving licence and passport then it will take atleast one month.


Oct 29, 2004
sadly with a private player like paytm, you really have very little option but to submit documents they ask for. best is to apply for voter id card because it is really a good idea to have an id proof apart from aadhaar since aadhaar is no longer something private operators can ask because of the supreme court ruling. though government is trying hard to bypass that with legislation.

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