Unable to access internet through wifi from BSNL modem

Hiii friends
I am using BSNL Broadband connection. I have Nokia siemens wifi enabled modem. Till date, I was using internet on my laptop through the 'Bridging' connection.(For the first time, I established the connection through the cable & after that I was able to connect it through wifi). Now I have bought an android phone. So I changed the modem settings to pppoe.(I referred a video on youtube for this). Since then, I am not able to access some sites like facebook, -- link removed --.com & many more both on my laptop & on my smartphone as well. I can access youtube but when I click on any video, it doesn't play. I can't even use whatsapp through this connection. I am able to use only gmail & few other sites. So now I have again switched to bridging connection n using internet on my laptop which is working fine. But I can't access net on my mobile. I tried a lot to solve this problem but all in vain..so now I am fed up of this. Somebody Plz help me with this problem...
Amit G said:
I tried google DNS settings but its also nt workin... :(
rsatbf said:
Have you checked the DNS settings on your modem? Try using google dns - and
Hi rsatbf. I couldn't find any option in my modem settings where I can change my DNS settings. I am using Nokia siemens residential router 1600.

So you are able to connect to some of the websites? It can be problem with dns servers or with Internet service provider. Then try setting dns servers manually on both your laptop and phone? You can try either google dns or open dns ( , ). If it is working, then problem was with dns provided by the router. You can set the dns in the modem itself most probably under advanced settings tab. If still issue persists, then try to hard reset the modem by holding the reset button for a few seconds and reconfigure it from the start. Before doing this step make sure you have got complete configuration settings from your internet service provider. A fresh configuration may do wonders. You can also try to find another modem and configure it to see if it works. If still nothing works, I guess call for assistance from your Internet service provider as it can be an ISP issue.
same pblem here with me.. i want to use internet through wifi( in my phone/ipad) and in my pc at the same time. .. can any one help abt configrtion of my Nokia siemens wifi enabled modem?. Change of MTU size 1450 working.. after that i can t connect my pc( connectd by cable)