Uber Ride Pass Packages


Oct 29, 2004
Introducing Ride Packages in Delhi NCR! Now enjoy flat fares of Rs.129 up to 30 days. Limited packages available! Buy yours here > t.uber.com/buy_nd
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Oct 29, 2004
Delhi NCR

Pass details
₹129 uberGO flat fare
Flat fare covers first ₹350 of uberGO trip value
Overages may apply when original cost of ride goes over maximum value
Pass is valid for 30 days from purchase
Trips must start and end within pass area
Qualifying passes are non-transferable, and package terms and conditions vary by city. Unused rides will expire after valid period. Rides are only eligible within the designated Delhi NCR area. Please refer to your city's ride pass map to see if airports are included.
What are Passes?
To give our riders even more affordable everyday ride options, we're beta testing discounted passes for uberPOOL and uberX rides. To unlock pass fares, buy a package of rides for an upfront fee. You'll get reliable rides day and night during for the duration of your pass.
What Passes are currently available?
Choose the Pass that best fits the way you like to ride. Check the Ride Pass section in the main menu of the app for details. Passes are valid for a specific number of days or weeks after purchase.
Are Passes available everywhere?
Currently, Passes are only available in certain cities. Your Pass is only valid in Delhi NCR on trips within the Delhi NCR Pass Zone.
Do Passes apply on all ride options?
For now, Passes are only available on uberPOOL and uber X rides.
Where and when can I ride with my Pass?
You can ride anywhere within the certain qualifying Delhi NCR Pass Zone, on valid days and times, up to your ride limit.
Can I track my Pass usage?
You can track how many rides you’ve used on your Pass, how many rides you have left, and how many more days you have to use your rides in the app. Navigate to the Ride Pass section in the main menu.
How is my fare calculated?
The original fare is calculated based on the length of your trip, plus any surcharges and adjustments. We apply your Pass fare or discount to this original fare. If the original fare is ever lower before your Pass fare or discount, don’t worry! We’ll charge you the lesser of the two amounts.
Will Passes cover rides of any price?
You can apply a Pass to any ride in the Pass Zone during valid days and times. If your Pass includes a maximum ride value or maximum discount and the total cost of your ride exceeds this maximum, you’ll be charged the amount above the maximum in addition to the discounted Pass fare.
Can I buy more than one Pass?
There is a limit of one Pass per rider per city. Once you buy your Pass, it will be valid for the specified number of days or weeks. Any new Pass you purchase will not be valid until your existing Pass expires.
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Dec 3, 2017
How do i avail this ride pass?
When i hit t.uber.com/buy_nd on browser it takes me to uber app and that's it. I don't see any option for buying the pass

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