Uber Lite


simple and sweet. though only cash seems to be supported right now.

this is pretty awesome imo. should work great for mom and dad who struggle with their regular app.


so i installed this app on dad's phone last night. was too late to tell him about it. but since he does not really book cabs on his own, i did not think much about it.
today when i woke up... dad told me that he ended up accidentally booking a cab.
driver landed at our place. and he had to help dad cancel the ride on his phone as he had no idea how to do it.

since i had been trying to teach him to use the regular app... which has two confirmation screens before the app starts looking for a cab. he just picked a destination and started the booking process. there was apparently no second confirmation screen on the lite app.

good thing is that the driver who landed at our place was a decent guy. he understood what happened. helped dad out. and left. i checked dad's account and there was no cancellation charges. probably because driver canceled the ride on dad's phone and not on his own device. hard to say. but fun annoying experience.