Uber India Incidents


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As per Police, Uber did not even bother getting a Police verification of the driver done before contracting him to drive for them. If true that is a real low for them.

Anyone using a taxi in India (specially at night), please be overtly careful. I know of guys who dozed off and were driven to a secluded spot and robbed. You just can't trust anyone in this land. Shithole it indeed is.
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Looks like nothing has changed even after the infamous delhi rape case.. Shame on these chaps..

On a separate note, this will give lobbyists an opportunity to ban Uber


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okay, i read this news yesterday night. incidentally my sister was in a an Uber half an hour away from my place. I called her and asked her to send a screenshot of driver as well as told her to be careful.

thought Uber is safe..guess not. Atleast ola and taxiforsure have GPS installed.
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Uber was supposed to have gps ! what happened to that? i was under the assumption Uber had higher standards. guess i was stupid to make assumptions :(


from my understanding the phone that driver carries is the only gps in the cabs connected with Uber . which of course can be turned off. though i could be wrong.


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Yep. That is indeed correct.


i am reading that Uber did not verify driver's identity and he was using a fake name and address. i kind of find this hard to believe. the name etc. have to be accurate for the payments to work. how can one guy accept payments if he used a fake name to register with Uber ? he has to have a whole fake identity with bank accounts and license etc. to get away with it.