Uber charged me €246 for a trip I never took


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I just signed into my Uber account and got a notification for a €246 charge in Paris.

Turns out that it is a known issue:
Uber Users Say They're Being Charged for Trips They Didn't Take

I have written to Uber , lets see what they say. Otherwise, ill dispute it with my credit card provider.
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246 Euros? What was that guy doing? Delivering Fedex packages in Uber ? :D

Too bad they would not let me remove all the cards associated with my account. One way is to get the card disabled so that only Paytm is associated with the account.


It was mandatory before they added Paytm . And since the card was charged in Europe, the pin was not even required. It would not have worked in India because of the pin requirement.

And I don't think Paytm /Airtel wallets work outside India (I could be wrong though) so a card is necessary if you travel outside India.


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I just signed into my uber account and got a notification for a €246 charge in Paris.
But are you in India or France? If you can prove them that you are in India then I think it should be easy for reversal.


Tried to delete the card from Dad's account and it won't let me, "Deleting the only credit card on file is not allowed."

There is no Paytm associated with his account, which is the reason I guess it does not allow to delete the card.