Type-iv Modem Wi-fi Ready?


Aug 19, 2006
I wish to take the Type-IV modem from BSNL. I wish to wirelessly connect my laptop. After visiting the below mentioned manufacturers website, and viewing the product info., I saw it was mentioned - "One PCMCIA slot for WLAN 802.11g NIC".

Now does that mean I need to buy a seperate PCMCIA card (or PCMCIA Antennae, etc.) for connecting my lappy, or is it fully wi-fi enabled.

And how many days did it take for you all to get the Dataone connection after application.

I would be grateful if my above queries are promptly answered. Thanx in advance. :)

Website of that modem - http://www.huawei.com/products/termi.../view.do?id=86


Mar 31, 2006
some dataone users have received modem with wlan card ; and some have not . It acually dependson the Local BSNL exchange - and it is better to contact the Exchange for the exact details . A new Dataone connection can be provided withina week if the Local Exchange has the facility and ifit has no shortage of modems . one may puchasethe modem from market if required .