[Tweak]: right-click option to reverse "Eject CD"


Aug 27, 2004
Get a graphical way to close your CD-drive's tray (like the "Eject" option, but the reverse of it)

First get "cdr.exe" from the attachment here (in this post).
Then put it into "C:\Windows\System32" folder on your hard-disk. Then copy/paste the below into notepad and save as "CD-tray.reg".
REGEDIT4;Right-click any drive to close the tray of the optical drive[HKEY_CL@$$ES_ROOT\Drive\shell\draw]@="Close CD-&tray"[HKEY_CL@$$ES_ROOT\Drive\shell\draw\command]@="cdr.exe close ALL"
Now just double-click the above-created .REG file to merge into registry - and enjoy!

There are two shortcomings with the above:
a. It closes all optical-drives one after another
b. The option to "close tray" appears even if you right-click on your HD's partitions.

But then, something's better than nothing.
Also, I used to use Nero DriveSpeed to close CD-ROM's until now, but it has 2 disadvantages:
a. It doesn't work for older drives.
b. It's a third-party utility which comes bundled when you install a commercial app.

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